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Need Ballast?

Need Lighting Fixture?


    1. How Much Power Do I Need?

Add up the wattage of tools, appliances and motors you want to run at the same time. Then select the generator with the RUNNING wattage rating to match or exceed the total load. Keep in mind that tools and appliances with electric motors or heating elements require additional tool/appliance SURGE wattage at startup. Wattage noted below are approximates only; please refer to tool or appliance itself for specific wattage required Amps x Volts = Watts



                                          Running Wattage               Wattage Required               

Household/RV                       Required                              @ Startup

Coffee Maker                              1750                                             0

Dishwasher (Cool Dry)                  700                                       1400               

Electric Fry Pan                           1300                                             0

Electric Range:

    8” element                               2100                                             0

625w Microwave                          625                                         800

Refrigerator Freezer                       700                                       2200

Automatic Washer                       1150                                       2300

Electric Clothes Dryer                  5750                                       1800

Furnace Fan (Gas or Fuel Oil):

  1/8HP                                          300                                        500

  1/6HP                                          500                                        750

  1/4HP                                          600                                      1000

  1/3HP                                          700                                      1400

  1/2HP                                          875                                      2350

Lights                                As indicated on bulb                                0

Radio                                       50-200                                            0

Sump Pump:

  1/3HP                                         800                                       1300

  1/2HP                                       1050                                       2150

Color Television                            300                                             0

Motor home 5th Wheel and Camp Trailer Top or RV Air Conditioners:

    7,000 BTU                               1500                                      600

  10,000 BTU                               1850                                      800                               

  13,500 BTU                               2250                                    1250

  15,000 BTU                               2750                                    1500

Room Air Conditional:

  10,000 BTU                               1500                                    2200

Small Appliance                              200                                    1700


8” Bench Grinder                          1400                                    2500

Pressure Washer:

  1.0HP                                        1200                                     3600

7 ¼” Circular Saw                        1800                                    4500

Electric Chain Saw:

  14” bar, 2 HP                            1100                                           0

  10” Table Saw                           1800                                     4500


  3/8”, 4 Amps                               440                                       600

  ½”, 5.4 Amps                              600                                       900

Industrial Motors

Split Phase

  1/4HP                                         600                                      1000

  1/2HP                                         875                                      2300

Capacitor Start Induction Run

  1/3HP                                         720                                      1300

  1.0HP                                       1600                                      4500

Capacitor Start Capacitor Run:

  1 1/2HP                                    2000                                      6100     

Fan Duty

  1/6HP                                         550                                        850

Farm Equipment

Electric Fence, 25 miles               2500                                            0

Milk Cooler                                 1100                                     1800

Milker (Vacuum pimp)

  2.0HP                                       1000                                      2300

Portable Heater (Kerosene, Diesel fuel):

  50,000 BTU                                400                                       600

  90,000 BTU                                500                                       725

  150,000 BTU                              625                                     1000

Battery Charger:

  15 Amp                                       380                                           0

  60 Amp w/250Amp Boost         1500/5750                                  0

  100 Amp w/300 Amp Boost      2400/7800                                  0

Electric Welder:

  200 Amp AC                             9000                                          0

  239 Amp AC @ 100 Amp         7800                                          0


Desktop                                       600-800                                     0

Laptop                                         200-250                                     0

Monitor                                       200-250                                      0

Fax                                              600-800                                     0

Printer                                          400-600                                     0                                                                  

           * All ratings are estimates. Contact the manufacturer of your item for exact requirements.

           * If your item has a plate on it showing Amps and Volts, multiply Amps x Volts and that equals your Wattage:  Amps x Volt = Watts   

           * If the power requirement you need is not listed, please call us at 1-866-433-9468, we’ll do our best to help determine your wattage needs.

2. Engine Brand?

     We use our own DuroPower Brand engine in DuroPower generators. Please visit www.DuroPower.com to get more information about our DuroPower engine family.

     All DuroPower engine have EPA Certificate from 2002, some of them have CARB (California only) certificate from 2004, please get details in the description.

     We have 10 models of 2 stoke gas engine from 26cc to 100cc.

     We have 10 models of 4 stoke gas engine from 31cc to 420cc.

     We have 2 models each of single cylinder & three cylinder & 4 cylinder diesel engines.


     We have service the market for over 5 years.


3. All DP Engine Have Cast Iron Sleeve.


4. All DuroPower Generators would match MTL & ETL Standards.


5. Where you could get parts & technical support for DuroPower products?

         Please call our customer service Dept at 1-866-433-9468 to get Replacement parts for warranty issue or get technical support when you need.

              If you want to buy some parts for your generator even if not DuroPower products, You still could call our Service Dept. to place your parts order.        

              For your convenience, we would arrange our service dealer in your location to service for you, but you still need contact with our service Department first.


6. We provide One Year/1000 hours Warranty for Residential customer.

    Three Month/1000 hours Warranty for Commercial end user.


7. Extended Warranty.

              We could provide extension warranty for DuroPower generator.

                  The cost would be:

                    For one year warranty, same cost as on sale price.

                    For two year warranty, 33% more than on sale price.                            

                    For three year warranty, 66% more than on sale price.

                    For five year warranty, 99% more than on sale price.

                   Please contact with our Customer Service Dept. at 1-866-433-9468 to place your extension warranty order by the phone or

                   Fax 626- 859-4431 or email to service@duropower.com or service@dexinintl.com


8. All Elec. Start Generator would come with battery & recoil pull start back up.


9. Digital Inverter Generator & AVR generator.

Most regular generator on the market would be with AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to adjust voltage in +/- 5% base on the load of generator.

All DuroPower Generator have AVR except Digital inverter generator (DP1000i/DP1250i/DP2000i/DP3000Ei) & PMM diesel generator (DP6500ED/EDS, DP7500ED/EDS).

Digital inverter generator would be a high tech generator, we use a digital inverter change AC from alternator to DC then digital control the RPM of the engine base on the load of generator then change from DC to AC again to provide a true sine –super clean power ( +/-3%).

Digital inverter generator have three special things than regular generator:

   1) Super clean power – Voltage: +/-3%, THD < 3%.

   2) Super quiet operation : <58dB.

   3) Super fuel saving: around 50%.

(Base on regular generator with same wattage)

PMM alternator would be a special material called Permanent Magnetic Material (PMM).

This kind of alternator could provide +/- 3% vibration of voltage directly & keep long time no change.


10. Propane Generator / Diesel Generator / Gas Powered generator

                 Base on the same Horse Power of engine, propane powered could Provide 15% less power than gas powered,

                     diesel could  provide 15% more power than gas powered engine.


11. How long could a propane generator run with a 20 Lbs propane tank.

             DuroPower Propane generator line - DP2000LPG/ DP3000LPG/DP3000ELP/DP3800ELP/DP4000ELP/DP5000ELP (Elec. Start)

                    DP6000LPG/DP6000ELP could be easy connect with regular BBQ propane tank (5/10/20/40Lbs…), the kit comes with the  generator no need for any extra tool & part.

                    A full 20 Lbs propane tank could run:

                           DP3000LPG/ELP:  16 Hours at half load/12 hours@ full load.

                           DP6000LPG/ELP:  12 Hours at half load/ 8  hours@ full load.

                     Customer could connect a big tank like 300 Lbs to get longer power.

                     Duropower LP generator could keep continue running for over 300 hours with enough propane.


12. Who would take care your shipment?

     We would use FedEx or UPS ground to ship goods under 150 Lbs like DP4000ER/DP3500E/DP2000S/FP2000i…

        We would use The Customer Global Logistic company to ship over 150 Lbs Like DP9000ER/DP40000EDS/DP5000…

         Regularly should take 6-7 working days to east coast, 3-4 days for west coast for delivery.


13. How to order from Canada.

             We ship our DuroPower products to Canada, but the shipping Cost would be double than US inland delivery.

                    Only UPS Air can take the shipment to Canada & take around four days.

                    Any customer from Canada should provide your zip code & model number first to let us get shipping cost quote from UPS then let you make your finally decision.

                    We do have local dealer in Canada too, cause inventory limited, Please contact us first.


14. How quiet are the generators?

             Regular generator noisy level should be 68-75 dB

                    Quite generator noisy level should be 60-67 dB

                    Super quite generator noisy level should be 55-60 dB


                    Digital inverter generator would be 55-60 dB, sound like a Refreeze start up.                                                         

                    Silent generator would have 60-67 dB, sound like a running car park close you.

                    Regular gas & Diesel & propane generator have 68-75 dB, Sound like stand under a traffic signal light at a cross street.


15. How to read the wattage of generator?

     Surge Wattage would be helpful for your appliances startup together.

        Regularly the generator could keep this wattage in 5 to 10 minute.

        Max Wattage would be important for power more appliances.

        Generator would keep this wattage in half – one hour at least.

        Rated wattage would be good for long term running wattage.

        Regularly, the generator could keep the output over 6 hours.


        For example: DP9000ER would have 9000w surge wattage;

                                                                  8250w max wattage;

                                                                  7800w rated wattage;


16. How to order?

     How to order on the web site?

        Please visit our web store www.DuroPower.com home page to click the picture of item you would want to order,

        click “ add to cart” then follow the shopping cart provide billing & shipping address & your credit card information to finish your order form.

        How to order using fax if you can’t use the website?

        Please send your fax message with your name, billing address & shipping address, your payment information & telephone,

        Fax number to 1-626-859-4431 let us on  process your order then let you know your order status.

        Can I pay by check?

        Please send your check or casher check or money order to:

        Dexin International Inc.

        677 Arrow Grand Circle

        Covina, CA91722

        Attn: Lucy Shen

        We would ship out your order after payment clear ASAP.


17. How to become a DuroPower dealer?

Please visit our website www.DuroPower.com to click “ Support” you would get a dealer application form;

please fill up the form to provide more information about your business then send to us, we would contact with you to let you know our dealer  programs.


18. Reseller & Wholesale.

Please contact with our inside sales to get more information for proposal.



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